4NJBets Racebook App

4NJBets Racebook App

$300 Risk-Free Bet on Sign Up

The 4NJBets mobile app is the exclusive horse racing betting app of New Jersey and has been operated by the TVG horse racing network as of 2013. TVG uses several horse betting services around the country and is owned by the online gaming conglomerate Betfair. Users can download the 4NJBets mobile app on the Apple App Store as long as their mobile device meets the minimum requirements, but more on that later.

  • Enormous number of tracks available
  • Lots of resources for users to use to help make better bets
  • Handicapper store with expert’s picks available
  • Free handicapper picks available
  • Deposit/Withdrawal fees
  • Limited promotions

Bettors of the 4NJBets mobile app can bet online on racetracks all around the country in many different ways. It’s licensed by the New Jersey Racing Commission and is accessible to New Jersey residents (or people within the New Jersey state lines) over the age of 18. If you’re not located in New Jersey, you’ll need to sign up with TVG, but you’ll have access to the same features!

This 4NJBets review will focus on the software of the app for Apple users, their welcome bonus and promotions, app features, and how to register for an account. It will also feature information on betting options, races, payment methods, customer support options, and an FAQ page.

4NJBets Racebook App at a Glance

Welcome bonus Risk-Free Bet Worth Up to $300
4NJBets promo code RISKFREE300
Legal States New Jersey Exclusive
License New Jersey Racing Commission
Land Based Partner All TVG Network Partners
App Platforms iOS (Apple App Store) and  Web Browser
Requirements Min Deposit of $10 and minimum age of 18 years old
Website URL https://4njbets.us.betfair.com

Mobile sports betting has been legal since 2018, when the US federal government decided to leave it up to local legislators to decide whether or not to outlaw mobile gambling. Before this change, TVG and 4NJBets were operating through a desktop site but now have horse racing apps too.

4njbets racebook

Unlike most other horse racing betting services, 4NJBets operates through a system of parimutuel gaming, meaning the winners will split the pot of all of the money wagered on the event based on odds given to you based on how much you put in. This means that the sportsbook is not putting up their own money to pay their bettors because they’re not making money from the bets.

Main things to know about the 4NJBets Horse Racing App:

  • Exclusive horse betting site of the state of New Jersey
  • Access to over 150 tracks worldwide
  • Access to the most resources to help users make educated bets

4NJBets Software and Mobile App

The 4NJBets mobile app has a well-designed user interface to navigate between its features seamlessly. The layout is broken up into five tabs at the bottom of your screen, including home, tracks, bets, picks, etc. Each of these tabs contains different features that the app offers, but more on that later in the review.

It’s effortless to use and simple to place wagers (please wager responsibly) on all of your favorite tracks, races, and horses all around the US. You can filter out the excess races by either going to the tracks tab at the bottom of your screen to access all of the tracks available on the book or by pressing the races tab, which shows all of the current and upcoming races.

There is a geolocation software installed within the app, and it’s used automatically when you sign in to make sure that you’re within New Jersey state lines. The software does require users to enable location tracking services in your iPhone’s settings, which can either be enabled entirely or just while using the app.

4NJBets App Features

New customers can either sign-up for an account from the desktop site at 4njbets.us.betfair.com or through the app, much like its competitors, but you’ll only need one account. Once you’ve registered for an account, you’ll need to make a deposit, and then you’re ready to start betting!

The mobile app requires users to have a minimum iOS of 12.0 to download and can be found in the Apple App Store by searching “4NJBets”. The app updates bi-monthly and contains basic bug fixes that enhance the app’s functionality and promotions.

Some of the most excellent aspects of the app are its ability to stream races live, receive race alerts, and get full access to track information around the US. Other resources such as bonus offers, in-person betting, and horse details are also featured on the app for users to use to help make educated bets.

Best 4NJBets App Features

  • Excellent information on handicapper’s bets
  • Plenty of stats to help users choose the best horse
  • Tons of race replays and live streams to watch horse races

Things that Need Work

  • Needs new promotions
  • One of the few books that have deposit fees
  • No Android racing app

4NJBets Promo Code and Offers

During signup, use the 4NJBets promo code “RISKFREE300” to obtain a great welcome bonus exclusive to our website! They also offer several promotions that users can find in the “More” tab. From this tab, you’ll see a separate drop-down menu that features a promotions tab that contains all of their promotional offers.

$300 Free Horse Bet

New customers receive a risk-free bet worth up to $300 on their first bet after sign-up that can be claimed simply by making a bet of over $10. If your bet loses, you will be awarded a free bet of the same amount, so be sure to make it count!

Users can claim this bonus by clicking on this link here, and using our exclusive 4NJBets promo code “RISKFREE300” during registration. When it comes to horse racing betting apps like AmWager, 4NJBets is far superior in terms of free bets.

Ongoing Promotions

4NJBets offers a few ongoing promotions that every user needs to take advantage of when betting on live horse racing. There is a refer-a-friend bonus, which is very similar to most other online casinos and gives both the current and previous users $25 to their account. This is done by going to the refer-a-friend promotion page and sending the link provided to your friends to register.

Next, it offers a Cash Back for Second or Third promotion that gives users their money back from their wager (on select races) if the horse doesn’t win. The promotion requires users to make a minimum bet of $10 and only works for users who bet on their horse to win, not place or show.

Lastly, it offers several different Prize Pool promotions for more significant events.

4njbets promo code

How to Download the 4NJBets app

Downloading the 4NJBets app is very simple and only takes 38.1 megabytes of storage on your mobile device. Mobile players don’t have to use the app, but it makes things more accessible and can be downloaded in just three easy steps.

4NJBets iOS App

First, iPhone users can find the app by searching 4NJBets in the app store, which will present them with both the 4NJBets app. If you do live in New Jersey, click “Get” next to the 4NJBets app with a green horse logo (and the 4NJBets title underneath) to begin.

The app has a rating of 4.6-stars on the app store and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. To summarize the 2,100+ reviews on the app store, users believe it’s easy to use, consistent, and well organized. One user even stated that it’s the only racebook they use for the Kentucky Derby.

4NJBets Android App

Unfortunately, 4NJBets does not offer an Android app for its users, but a mobile device can still access the book through your search engine. Unfortunately, the layout of the desktop website on mobile devices is less than optimal because they want users to use the app. I highly recommend using a computer instead of a search engine from your mobile phone if you’re an Android user, but the option is still available.

System Requirements

4NJBets require users to be 18 years or older and be located in New Jersey. The app is only available for Apple users with an iOS of 12.0 or higher and will require you to be geolocated inside state lines before placing bets.

4NJBets Racebook App Features

The 4NJBets app has excellent features that help users make better, more educated bets. There are resources to follow professional handicapper’s bets, ways to watch live or previous races, and advanced stats on horse racing. These different features help users form better bets with better betting odds and increase their payout odds for higher percentage wins.

4NJBets has several different ways to follow professional handicappers, such as their “Talent Picks” at the bottom of the home page. This gives some of their best picks from their best handicappers and allows users to opt-in when placing bets to make the same bet as the handicapper.

There is also a handicapper store where users can purchase picks and stats on previous races for a small fee that’s generally under $5. They offer handicappers and resources from professional outlets such as TVG, Equibase, Track Master, and DRF. These resources include advanced stats for better tracking odds and picks on an individual race.

Lastly, one of the app’s best features is its several different live streaming options. Users can view current or past races at some of the most famous tracks globally, such as Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Park, Gulfstream Park, or Monmouth Park. Live streaming is essential for sports betting, especially horse racing, because it gives users the ability to see how the horse performs.

4NJBets app bet slip

4NJBets App Registration Process

Registering for an account is a quick and straightforward process that takes only a few seconds. You’ll need to provide some information to verify your identity to create your account. Even though you’ll be able to make one from anywhere in the country, you’ll only be able to use it in New Jersey or in-person at specific tracks.

The registration process is completed in three easy steps and can be started by clicking on the “sign-up” button in the top right corner of your screen. First, you’ll need to give some basic personal information, such as your full name (first and last), date of birth, email, and phone number, followed by creating a password for your account. Next, you’ll be prompted to confirm your address and confirm your identity by entering the last four digits of your social security number.

Entering this information is standard for the industry and is protected by the gaming commission for NJ residents (New Jersey Racing Commission). After you’re finished with the registration process, you’ll be redirected to the deposit methods screen to make your initial deposit. However, you can come back to that later and still receive the welcome bonus. You’ll need to use some money from your account to access some of the stats on the app, but you’re able to start live streaming immediately for free once you’re finished setting up your account.

Betting options at the 4NJBets app

There are many different types of bets on 4NJBets that can be either simple or complicated. Some, such as the more popular betting types, are simple bets revolving around which place a horse will finish. Others revolve around picking multiple horses to finish in a specific order or in a box (I’ll explain this below).

Popular Bets – The most popular bets on the app are choosing a horse to either win, place, or show. If you select a horse to win, you pick them to come in first, which is only won if the horse wins. If you choose a horse to place, you’re choosing them to come in second, but you’ll win (at lower odds) even if they come in first. If you’re catching on to the pattern, betting on a horse to show means to bet on them to come in third, but similar to betting on a horse to place, it will result in a win if the horse comes in first or second.

4NJBets Racing Bets

Multiple Horse Betting – Betting on numerous horses is similar to a parlay bet in sports betting because all of the wagers need to win for users to win money. Users can bet on multiple horses in three different quantities and different ways. Users can either pick the exact order the horses will finish or which horses will finish in the top two to four spots, in any order, which is considered a box.

  • Exacta (or Exactabox)
    • betting on two horses to come in first and second in a specific order or in a two-horse box (either horse comes in first/second
  • Trifecta (or Trifectabox)
    • betting on three horses to come in first, second, and third in a specific order or in a three-horse box (the three horses can come in any order of first/second/ third)
  • Superfecta
    • betting on four horses to come in first, second, third, and fourth in a specific order or in a four-horse box (the four horses can come in any order of first/second/third/fourth)

Mobile App Live Streaming – The app has several different live streaming options on tracks partnered with TVG worldwide that allow users to watch previous or current races. You’ll need to have a funded account to access this feature.

Horse Races Available on 4NJBets

There are horse races worldwide offered on the app and website that range from everyday races to the most significant horse racing events globally. Because it is a TVG property, it has some of the best odds in horse racing. If you’re looking for a quick next race to get some fast action or make some money on the Kentucky Derby, this is a one-stop shop for all your horse racing needs.

4NJBets offers over 150 tracks in 12 countries (including the US) worldwide, but they’re adding more every year. It’s effortless to navigate through the app or website to find specific tracks and races by going through the “Tracks” tab at the bottom of the screen, to the right of the home page. From here, users can search from the tracks listed in A-Z order and filter them by tracks in the US or internationally.

4NJBets Horce Racing Bet Options

4NJBets Payment Methods

4NJBets has several different deposit methods that all work for withdrawals as well. Deposits process instantly into your account (withdrawals take 2-5 business days) and can be easily made by clicking on your account balance in the top right corner of your screen. Whether you have Huntington Bank or Union Bank, there are plenty of methods for users to use, whether through their debit card, a prepaid card, PayPal, or online banking. There are also deposit options for in-person deposits if you do not have an accepted bank account or debit card.

Unfortunately, there are many fees when it comes to these payment methods that vary based on the type of method you pay with. If you access the 4NJBets promo code in the promotions section, you can dodge these fees for depositing on Monday or Tuesday during the week.

Don’t worry about entering your private banking information; as I mentioned, TVG and 4NJBets are backed and insured by the New Jersey Racing Commission.

Deposit Options

  • MasterCard or VISA debit card ($5 deposit fee)
  • TVG Prepaid Card ($5 deposit fee)
  • PayPal ($5 deposit fee)
  • Online Banking Wire Transfer ($15 deposit fee)
  • e-check ($5 deposit fee)
  • PayNearMe (No deposit fees)
  • Money Order (No deposit fees)

Withdrawal Options

  • MasterCard or VISA debit card ($5 withdrawal fee)
  • TVG Prepaid Card ($5 withdrawal fee)
  • PayPal ($5 withdrawal fee)
  • Online Banking Wire Transfer ($15 withdrawal fee)
  • e-check ($5 withdrawal fee)
  • PayNearMe (No withdrawal fees)
  • Money Order (No withdrawal fees)

4njbets payment methods

Customer Support

4NJBets has excellent customer service and has several different options for help or assistance on their website/app. Sometimes the geolocation software has issues, or maybe a deposit hasn’t been posted directly to an account, but their customer support is ready for whatever problem may occur. They have a 24-hour phone service hotline where users can call and work out issues that may be occurring in their app, which can be reached at 1-888-752-9884.

Suppose you don’t have time to talk on the phone or want to add account restrictions to your mobile account, email customerrelations@tvg.com to get in touch with their support team. Generally, users who emailed the support team will hear back in 1-3 days, so if you have an urgent issue, call.

Even though users can make account restrictions, if you believe you may have a gambling problem, please get help. Click on the link here for more information on assistance.

Final Thoughts on the 4NJBets Horse Racing App

To sum up this 4NJBets review, I enjoy the app quite a bit and think it’s one of the best horse racing apps in the country that offers worldwide tracks. Some might be turned off by the lack of promotional offers, but the app has many more features that sets them apart from its competitors.

4NJBets Racebook FAQs

Is the 4NJBets app legit?

Yes! 4NJBets is one of the largest legal sportsbook apps in New Jersey, and iOS users can download it in the app store, which contains glowing reviews. It’s licensed and protected by the New Jersey Racing Commission for mobile betting and commercial content, giving users peace of mind to protect their personal information.

What 4NJBets races can you bet on with the app?

Users can bet on almost any race in the country. There are over 150 tracks available, and all significant events like the Kentucky Derby or Preakness are available.

Do you need a separate account for the 4NJBets horse racing betting app and online racebook?

No! Users only need one app to access both the app and the website. However, users will need a separate account for the TVG app or site and the 4NJBets app or site, even though the same company powers them.

Does 4NJBets offer a free bet like other sports betting services?

No, however, new customers receive a welcome offer of a 100% deposit match worth up to $100! This means they will match your deposit as long as it is $100 or less. No bonus code is needed!

Can you bet on mobile with 4NJBets?

Yes! As long as you are in New Jersey and are 18 years or older, you can place bets on 4NJBets.

Which is the company behind 4NJBets?

The company behind 4NJBets is Betfair, the parent company of the TVG horse racing network. Although they are a New Jersey-based operation, their company address is 263 Shuman Blvd Ste. 145, Naperville, IL 60563.

Which are the states that I can bet with the 4NJBets app?

New Jersey is the only state where users can access the app or website. If users do not live in New Jersey, they can use the TVG app, available in several states around the US.

Are there 4NJBets app customer service options?

Yes! There are plenty of customer service options for 4NJBets, ranging from phone services to a live messaging service to customer support email for non-urgent matters. If you run into any issues while using the app, contact one of these options as soon as possible to help fix them.

Can I deposit at 4NJBets with PayPal?

Yes! 4NJBets accepts PayPal and other online money transfer services such as an e-check or online bank transfers as deposit methods.

How to withdraw funds from the 4NJBets app?

There are several different options to make a withdrawal on 4NJBets, and most of them take three to five business days. The withdrawal methods are: MasterCard or VISA debit card, TVG Prepaid Card, PayPal, Online Banking Wire Transfer, e-check, PayNearMe, and Money Order.

$300 Risk-Free Bet on Sign Up
Trust & Fairness
Markets & Odds
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
3.0 Overall Rating
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