Hard Rock Sportsbook App

Hard Rock Sportsbook App

Get 3x $100 Risk-Free Bets

Hardrock Sportsbook is quickly becoming synonymous with online sports betting since it came to the scene in 2018, the same year congress relaxed mobile sports betting laws around the country. They first had an early access launch in New Jersey in 2018 but have since expanded to Arizona, Iowa, and Virginia and are coming soon to Florida and Indiana.

  • One of the best app designs and layouts on the market
  • Offers great weekly promotions, odds boosts, and a top tier rewards program
  • Top-tier customer service team
  • Not enough references for bettors to use to assist them (stats, live streaming, etc)
  • Low number of markets compared to other betting apps

They currently offer fourteen of your favorite sports with twenty-nine different betting markets to choose from that are not only in the US but worldwide. They also offer competitive odds and fantastic promotions that keep their users committed to using their platform.

Below is a review of how the app functions, the betting types offered, how to sign-up and make your first deposit/withdrawal, and how to get the best bonuses during sign-up! I enjoyed the user experience and encourage any bettor looking for a new sports betting platform to try it out.

The Hard Rock app is quite basic when compared to other big names in the US. Instead of the Hard Rock sportsbooks, for a better experience, you should try the PointsBet app or the Caesars Sportsbook app.

Hard Rock Sportsbook App at a Glance

Welcome bonus 3 Risk Free Bets Worth Up to $100 Each
Legal States Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, Virginia
License The Arizona Department of Gaming, The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, The Virginia Lottery
Land Based Partner Hard Rock Casino
App Platforms iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), Web Browser
Requirements 21 years or older in a legal betting state

Minimum deposit of $10 is required

Website URL https://www.hardrocksportsbook.com

Ever since 2018, when a federal judge decided that mobile sports betting laws would be up to state legislators’ decision, the Hard Rock Sportsbook has been hard at work trying to make itself a household name. It’s currently legal and licensed in Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, and Virginia and operates through an app, website, or retail sportsbook partners.

The Hard Rock sports betting platform is insured and licensed by the Arizona Department of Gaming, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, and the Virginia Lottery. Being certified ensures that your personal information and money are safe because the sports betting service adheres to all guidelines required by the local gaming compact.

Some of the main things to know about the Hard Rock Sportsbook are;

  • It has a beautiful design
  • Great promotions
  • Most US sports markets

Hard Rock Sportsbook Brand Logo

Hard Rock Software and Mobile Sportsbook App

When starting the app, the first thing you notice is how smooth and professional the design feels compared to other sports betting apps. The layout is very organized, with a menu of leagues at the top of the home page with their logo and name in bubbles for you to filter from.

Below the filter menu is the newest promotion, followed by a leagues menu that contains sports that are trending now. The bottom of the screen has a tabs menu with four separate tabs, the first being the home page I’ve just described.

The second tab is the search tab, where users can browse all of the sports and leagues available. It’s also possible to search for events directly through the search bar at the top, located next to the magnifying glass on the left side of the empty bubble.

The third tab is the bet slip, containing both settled and pending bets, while the fourth tab is the account tab. Users can edit their personal information, deposit/withdrawal methods and set betting limits from this area.

To start betting with Hard Rock, sign-up for an account and make your first deposit to get your initial sign-up bonus of 3 risk-free bets worth $100 each. After that, choose your stake and make sure you’re geolocated in a legal betting state before placing new bets on the sportsbook.

Overall, the layout is very similar to that of its competitors; however, the Hard Rock online sportsbook has a very great aesthetic unique to itself. While other apps have solid colors as their background’s primary color, it has a smooth, white experience with very modern text fonts and a modern design for buttons.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Interface

The app is currently available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free and can be downloaded by searching “Hard Rock Sportsbook” and clicking on the purple app. The minimum operating system to use the app for Apple users is iOS 12.1 or later, while the minimum APK for android users is 4.4 or better.

Apple users have one app for the Arizona and Virginia markets, then a separate app for the Iowa and New Jersey markets. On the other hand, Android users have to download a specific app for each state. Conversely, users can also bet on the Hard Rock Sportsbook through their website from their computers in any state.

App updates frequently happen (almost weekly) to bring bug improvements and a smoother experience to users. I appreciate apps that consistently work to get their users the best app possible regularly, which is very important to me.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the app is the filters on each betting screen for the different sports and leagues offered. Most other apps like DraftKings or FanDuel have basic or grainy generic logos (if a logo at all) in their menus, while Hard Rock delivers a crisp and clear image.

The second thing that caught my attention was the sign-up bonus. Rather than forcing you to make one large bet to maximize your offer, Hard Rock offers three separate free bets for their sign-up bonus to allow users variety.

The areas that I would say need the most improvement are the number of sports and leagues offered by the book. While it has fourteen sports, many books have around twenty.

Best Hard Rock Sportsbook App Features

  • The overall smoothness of the user interface’s design
  • Great rewards program and ongoing promotions
  • Great betting options, including same game prop parlays

Things that Need Work

  • Very few references for bettors to use
    • No video tutorials on how to bet
    • No stats to help make educated bets
  • No live streaming

Hard Rock Sportsbook Promo Code and Offers

The Hard Rock sports betting platform has several different promotional offers for new users and current players that should be taken advantage of to maximize profits. They have a great new user bonus in three free bets; daily odds boosts, bet & get promotions, and a great rewards program. The good news? You don’t need to use a sportsbook promo code to claim the offer.

Risk-Free Bets Welcome Package

The sign-up bonus consists of three risk-free bets worth up to $100 each after account deposits that allow users to split up their initial prize in multiple bets. This bonus is better than most sportsbooks because they give users a more significant total compensation; they only offer one risk-free chance.

Sign-up for a new account using the Hard Rock app for your state to access this sign-up promo. This bonus gives users six chances to win money compared to the two chances provided by most of their competitors.

Daily Odds Boosts

The Hard Rock Sports Book offers daily odds boosts on numerous sporting events in various sports based on the time of year. For example, the NBA playoffs are starting this week while the MLB’s season just started, and they are running odds boosts on single games and parlays for users to take advantage of!

Bet & Get Promotions

One of the consistent promotions that the Hard Rock Sportsbook runs is their weekly bet and get promotions. You have to place a parlay wager of $25 or more, and you will receive a $10 free bet!

Rewards Program

The Hard Rock rewards program is one of the best loyalty programs in the online betting industry. Every bet made on the sportsbook or casino adds points to your loyalty rewards account that can be redeemed at retail Hard Rock Casinos around the country. Users who remain active or online throughout the month will also be rewarded for their loyalty with extra points.

How to Download the Hard Rock Sportsbook App

Downloading the Hard Rock Sportsbook app is very easy and only takes up to 67.8-megabytes of storage on your mobile device. Android and iPhone users can download the app by searching for “Hard Rock Sportsbook” in the Apple app store or Google Play Store and selecting the app read for their state. Iowa and New Jersey have individual apps, while Arizona and Virginia can be accessed through the Hard Rock Seminole Tribe’s Sportsbook app.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Download

Hard Rock Sportsbook iOS App

Downloading the Hard Rock app only takes a couple of minutes for iPhone users and has quickly become a top-rated new sportsbook app on the Apple App Store. It currently has a 4.4-star rating with 57 total reviews that generally reflect a positive user experience that praises its user interface.

Search for “Hard Rock Sportsbook” in the Apple App Store and press on the app for your state. Next, press the “Get” button to download the app to your device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad), and after the app finishes downloading, you’re ready to go.

Version 1.4.3 of the apps is currently available to users who have devices with an iOS of 12.1 or better.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Android App

Android users can download the Hard Rock Sportsbook apps from the Google Play Store by searching for their state’s app and clicking the “download” button. Version 1.3 of the apps are currently available to users with an APK of 4.4 or better devices.

Overall, the reviews are somewhat low, with a 3-star review. However, the sample size is tiny. There are only a few reviews on the Google Play Store, and they all mention how it is a good sportsbook, but they feel uncomfortable that they request access to your contacts, so make of that what you will.

System Requirements

The minimum requirements for a person to place a wager on the Hard Rock Sportsbook are 21 years of age or older and located in Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, or Virginia. If you meet these requirements and have an Apple device with an iOS of 12.1 or better (or an Android device with an APK of 4.4 or better), you can download the app and create an account to start betting!

Hard Rock Sportsbook App Features

The Hard Rock Sportsbook has many great features that set it apart from the competition, such as same game parlay betting, dark mode, and its home page.

Same game parlay betting is offered on the Hard Rock Sportsbook and can be accessed by clicking on an event to expand the betting details, followed by clicking on the “same game parlay” button. Same game parlays are only offered by the best online sportsbooks and are a cornerstone in becoming a titan of the industry.

The entire design of the sportsbook is very smooth, and unlike many I have ever seen before. As I’ve mentioned above, the background is crisp white, but users can use dark mode to darken the background, so it isn’t as bright. This is accessed through one of the banners in the “My Account” tab on the far right of the tab’s menu at the bottom of the in-app screen.

Lastly, their home page is incredibly well put together and organizes all betting options for users into an excellent user interface. Most of the more prominent sportsbooks have a clustered home page that is difficult to navigate, while the Hard Rock Sportsbook’s home page is clear and concise. The top features a filter menu where you can filter betting markets by the league, followed by current trending events for a top-notch gambling experience.

Hard Rock Sportsbook App Registration Process

Hard Rock Entertainment has made the registration process as easy as possible, and it only took me three minutes before I could deposit account funds and start betting. If you’re using the app, a banner will appear at the bottom of the screen containing the buttons “Join Now” and “Sign In.”

After you click on the “Join Now” button, you will be redirected to a page where you will enter your e-mail and create a password. Next, you’ll enter your full name, date of birth, phone number, address, and last four digits of your social security number (to verify your age and identity).

When you’re done registering for your new account, you will be redirected to the account balances screen, where you can make your first deposit if you want. If you choose not to make a deposit, you can continue to use the app to its fullest extent by simply skipping this step.

Hard Rock Sportsbook live in Florida

Betting options at Hard Rock Sportsbook App

The betting options are, of course, the most crucial aspect of a sportsbook, and Hard Rock has plenty of them. Simple bets like moneyline, points spread, and over-under bets are offered, while more complex bets like prop bets, future bets, and parlays are other options to earn play at a higher risk.

Current players can choose from the following bet types;

  • Popular Bets
  • Prop Bets
  • Same Game Prop Parlays
  • Cashing Out
  • Additional Betting Options

Lines are released as early as a few weeks before the event starts, but it depends on what event it is. Generally, lines will be available after the two teams playing in the event finish their previous games.

Popular Bets

The most popular bets on every sportsbook are;

  • Money line bets
  • Point spreads bets
  • Over-under bets

Hard Rock Live Sports Betting

Moneyline bets are bets on who will win an event with odds based on their chances of beating the other team. They are probably the most straightforward bets available, but they provide low-quality odds unless you pick an underdog.

Point spread bets are bets on a spread of points that are either given or taken away from your team’s score. For example, if you picked the Boston Celtics -6 over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday morning, then the Celtics would need to win by 7 points for the wager to cover.

Over-under bets are based on the Hard Rock Sportsbook lines of point totals of an event between one or both teams. The most common over-under bet offered in every sportsbook is offered on the betting menu of every event to the right of the spread bet. Here you will find the full point line between the two teams, and you can decide whether to bet on the teams scoring more or less than the line provided.

Additional Bets & Features

Prop Bets – These bets are on whether or not specific things will happen throughout a sporting event. Prop bets can be a particular team’s winning margin, the round a fighter will win in, who will score a touchdown, or an over-under bet on a player’s stat from a particular game.

Same Game Prop Parlays – These parlays consist of multiple prop bets from a single event rolled into one parlay at great odds. These parlays can combine regular picks with game props and player props.

Cash Out – Users can cash out their Hard Rock bets before or even during the event if the cash-out option is available under your bet in the bet slip. Sometimes users may want to edit their bet or cash out early, which would require them to use the cash-out feature.

Depending upon the scenario, the cash-out feature will either pay them less, equal to, or more than the original bet depending upon the outlook of the outcome. If the bet is likely to win, then they will be offered more than their original bet, but if their bet is unlikely to win, then they will be offered less money (if any at all). Generally, the only time they receive their money back equally is before the event starts, and even then, there is generally a small fee of a few cents.

Other betting options on the Hard Rock Sportsbook include teasers, round robins, and futures bets. Teasers and round robins pertain to parlay betting, while future bets are only straight bets.

Teasers are large parlays that contain picks with alternate spreads and odds. These spreads are generally very giving, but they lower the odds considerably; however, when added together in more extensive teaser parlays, they are good and fundamentally sound bets regardless of the reduced odds.

Sports Markets Available on Hard Rock Sportsbook

The Hard Rock Sportsbook currently offers fourteen sports and thirty-four total markets for users to bet on using the betting methods in the previous section. Users can use the Hard Rock Sportsbook as either a football betting app, an MMA betting app, a NASCAR betting app, and many other leagues and sports.

The options of sports offered change based on the time of year; for example, they’re no longer accepting college basketball bets because the season is over. The sports currently offered are;

  • Baseball (4 leagues)
  • Basketball (2 leagues)
  • Boxing (1 league)
  • Crickets (1 league)
  • Darts (2 leagues)
  • Football (2 leagues)
  • Golf (2 leagues)
  • Ice Hockey (2 leagues)
  • MMA (1 league)
  • Motor Racing (2 leagues)
  • Rugby League (2 leagues)
  • Rugby Union (1 league)
  • Soccer (9 leagues)
  • Tennis (3 leagues)

International leagues and college sports are offered in most sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, rugby, and golf. If a sport is in an essential time of its season, such as the playoffs, then continual promotions are likely to reflect that. For example, this week’s bet & get promo is earned by a $25 bet on a parlay on NBA games because the playoffs are starting.

The navigation is very similar to other sportsbook apps and has a filter menu of popular sports and leagues at the top with a tab at the bottom containing all of the sports offered. Hard Rock only offers sports to bet on and doesn’t accept bets on US politics or awards in the entertainment industry.

Hard Rock Bet Slip

Hard Rock Sportsbook Payment Methods

The sportsbook payment methods on both the app and website take just a few moments to link to your account for easy withdrawals and deposits. If you decide to link this information to add account funds, then you will be protected by the local gaming commission that works to aggressively defend your data from outside sources.

Deposit Options

  • Visa & MasterCard
  • E-Check
  • Online wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe Options
  • Cash at the retail casinos

Withdrawal Options

  • E-Check
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash

Customer Support

Sometimes, the Hard Rock app will have issues like any other app. Maybe the geolocation software malfunctioned and didn’t register you in a legal state, or some account deposits you’ve just made didn’t upload to your account balances. You’ll need to contact customer support.

If these types of things happen to your account, you’ll have three options for what you can do. Users can call the helpline at either 1 (877) 825-7777 or (609) 449-6280 to talk to a live representative or by e-mailing support@hardrockcasino.com. If users don’t want to use either of these options, they can use the live chat line through the app to instant message a representative.

Final Thoughts on Hard Rock Sportsbook App

To be blunt, I think this is the next extensive up-and-coming sportsbook. With a user interface and promotions like they have, I firmly believe that they will be a household name next to FanDuel and DraftKings by the middle of next year.

The book offers a plethora of betting options and markets that are perfect for any savvy bettor. Once they add live streaming options and stats for users to use as a reference and become legal in more states, they will become a titan of the sports betting industry.

Hard Rock Sportsbook FAQ

Is the Hard Rock sportsbook app legit?

Yes! The Hard Rock Sportsbook is currently legal in Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, and Virginia and will be coming soon to Florida. A recent judge’s ruling in an appeals court ruled that they would temporarily suspend the Seminole Tribe’s Hard Rock app operations. This means that they must temporarily suspend accepting bets in the state until 2023, pending appeal.

What Hard Rock sports can you bet on with the app?

You can bet on;

  • Baseball (4 leagues)
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Crickets
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Do you need a separate account for the Hard Rock app and sportsbook?

No! You only need one account for the Hard Rock Sportsbook website and each app for the different states.

Does Hard Rock Sportsbook offer a free bet?

Yes! Hard Rock Sportsbook offers three risk-free bets worth up to $100 each after signing up through the app. Users can also get free bets by earning them through the bet & get ongoing promotions.

Can you bet on mobile with Hard Rock Sportsbook?

Yes! They have an app for Arizona and Virginia and individual apps for New Jersey and Iowa.

Which is the company behind Hard Rock Sportsbook?

The parent company of the Hard Rock Sportsbook is the Gaming Innovation Group, and the company’s address is 5701 Stirling Road, Davie, FL 33314.

Which states can I bet with the Hard Rock Sportsbook app?

Users can bet in Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, and Virginia and will soon be active in Florida and Indiana. Betting was happening in Florida for a few days until legislators realized that they were violating the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act because this form of gambling was not restricted to tribal land.

Although the app was initially looking to come back to Florida late in 2023, Florida voters have decided that the suspended operations were not the answer to the solution. Governor DeSantis has brought legislation to the statehouse that will likely be passed to allow operations to restart early in 2023.

Are there Hard Rock Sportsbook app customer service options?

Yes! Several customer service options include a phone number, e-mail, chat service, and FAQ page. Users can call either 1 (877) 825-7777 or (609) 449-6280 by phone, e-mail support at support@hardrockcasino.com, or by using the live chat feature in the app.

Can I deposit at Hard Rock Sportsbook with PayPal?

Yes! Users can use online money transfer services such as PayPal and Skrill to make a deposit or withdrawal.

How to withdraw funds from the Hard Rock Sportsbook app?

This app makes easy withdrawals simple and only requires users to go to the cashier’s page to make a withdrawal request. Most withdrawal options take 2-3 days to process and require a minimum of $10.

Get 3x $100 Risk-Free Bets
Trust & Fairness
Markets & Odds
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
1.8 Overall Rating
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