BetMGM Sportsbook App

BetMGM Sportsbook App

First Bet Offer Up To $1,000 In Bonus Bets

The BetMGM mobile sportsbook app is one of the largest sports betting apps in the country and has quickly taken the nation by storm as its catchy advertisements and marketing campaigns have touched every form of mass media. It’s an online sport betting app where sports fans can bet on their favorite sports legally in the following states; Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC., West Virginia, and Wyoming.

  • Great daily odds
  • Great live-event tracking stats
  • Large number of odds boosts
  • Great promotions (other than the welcome bonus)
  • No flash bet options
  • Very average sign-up bonus

The BetMGM Sports app has some of the most competitive odds in the sports betting industry, is one of the best and most reliable apps in the industry, and is one of the best mobile betting platforms for customer support. Even though MGM Resorts (most famous for their casinos on the Las Vegas strip) is the leading partner behind the MGM sports betting platform, it does not contain casino games for users to bet on their sportsbook app.

Overall, I believe this is one of the best sportsbooks on the market for several reasons that I think all sports bettors should consider when looking at online sportsbooks. This sports gaming review of the BetMGM Sportsbook will contain more info on the software of the app, the features on the app, things that need work, promo codes and bonus offers, how to download the app and register for an account, how to bet, the markets available, the payment methods available, and the customer support options for the app.

BETMGM Sportsbook App at a Glance

BetMGM App promo code GAMBLEUSA
Welcome bonus First Bet Offer Up To $1,000 In Bonus Bets
Legal States Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming
License Arizona Department of Gaming, Colorado Gaming Association, Florida Gaming Control Commission, Illinois Gaming Board, Indiana Gaming Commission, Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, Louisiana Gaming Control Board, Michigan Gaming Control Board, Mississippi Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, New York State Gaming Commission, Ohio Casino Control Commission, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council, Virginia Lottery, Washington D.C. Lottery, West Virginia Gaming and Racing Association, Wyoming Gaming Commission
Land Based Partner MGM Resorts & Entertainment
App Platforms iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), Web Browser
Requirements Min Deposit of $10 and a minimum age of 21 years old
Website URL

The United States legalized sports gambling in 2018, and BetMGM Entertainment quickly took action, making a joint venture with the UK sports betting operator GVC Holdings in early 2019 to create a sportsbook app to launch in the US. Users can wager on the BetMGM online sportsbook on their desktop site, app, or retail sportsbooks they’re partnered with around the country.

The BetMGM mobile sports betting app has some of the best customer service options available in the mobile sports betting industry, along with some of the best odds. Whether you’re looking for a way to bet on NFL games or place a wager on the Washington Nationals, you’ll always find top-tier odds in this book, available in 19 states across the US.

Main Things to Know

  • A significant number of promotions and daily odds boosters
  • $1,000 bonus bet for a new user on their first bet
  • Best customer service options of any sports betting platform
  • Plenty of safe and secure banking options

BetMGM Software and Mobile Sportsbook App

The BetMGM mobile sports betting app has a stunning and well-organized user interface that presents promotions and popular bets ideally across its homepage while not corrupting the overall flow of the page. Each tab is also helpful and serves a direct purpose for users to have a better experience. They have a home tab, an A-Z menu tab, a bet slip tab, a bets history tab (called My Bets), and a promotions tab which allows users to transition throughout the app seamlessly.

The software works at high-performance rates with little to no lag and excellent geolocation services that have never given me trouble in my six months. Along with an A-Z menu of all of the sports available on the app, a filter menu at the top of the screen with the most popular markets for users to find the wagers they want to place at BetMGM.

betmgm app

Placing bets is incredibly easy and can be done by clicking on a line next to an event. The three most popular wagers are moneyline bets, over-under bets, and spread bets, but the less popular prop bets are found by expanding the event’s details, but more on that later.

It’s available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store for mobile sports betting users to download and access exclusive offers only found on the app. The app updates about once a month and generally contains minor bug fixes that improve overall performance but sometimes will have a general redesign, which increases the user experience immensely.

Some of the most remarkable aspects of the BetMGM app are the interactive FAQ page (found by pressing on the “Help & Contact” button in the top right of your screen), the stats offered as a resource to help better educate bettors on the matchup, their parlay generator, and the number of prop bet promotions they run on the app. Some aspects that need improvement, on the other hand, are the rewards program and their welcome bonus.

Best BetMGM App Features

  • Parlay generator function
  • Great odds and odds boosts
  • Live event tracking and stats
  • Customer support services
  • Live match streaming and betting, with Match Center feature providing live updates
  • Daily odds boosts for events involving BetMGM partners, such as Buffalo Wild Wings
  • In-app notifications on latest updates
  • Cash out and in-play betting features
  • Seamless navigation with a single tap through all the tabs
  • Edit my bet, advanced in-game visuals, and Track Your Bet features

Things that Need Work

  • Bring in a live chat customer service feature
  • Not the best app in terms of aesthetics, but similar to the website
  • The layout on the website could be better
  • Rewards program could use some push

BetMGM Promo Code and Offers

The BetMGM mobile app offers several promotions that any user should take advantage of when thinking about wagering. They range from a welcome bonus to a refer-a-friend promotion, odds boosts, and more!

$1,000 Bonus Bet

betmgm 1000 risk free

BetMGM has a welcome bonus for new users in a bonus bet worth up to $1,000. This bonus is applied on a user’s initial bet after their first deposit, between $10 and $1,000. To receive this bonus, click on the link here to sign up and enter the BetMGM sportsbook promo code “GAMBLEUSA” during the registration process. You’ll receive a free bet of equal value if your first bet loses!

As I mentioned above, I believe this section needs some work. The welcome bonus is excellent, don’t get me wrong; however, if they want to break into a top-three rather than top-five sportsbook, then they’ll need to improve in this area.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Like most other mobile betting services, BetMGM offers a refer-a-friend bonus when a new user signs up using the link you’ve sent them through email, text, or social media. After they’ve signed up, verified in their account, and deposited, both users will receive $50, almost double the average rate of most sports betting platforms.

To find your link, go to the promotions page and click on the refer-a-friend bonus, then scroll down and press the refer-a-friend icon, which will give you your link.

Odds Boosts

BetMGM Sports offers a lot of great odds boosts in their app every day on more than just your typical spread odds boosts like most other online sportsbooks. On their home page, underneath the promotion’s banner are multiple options on available odds boosts on bets from single game parlays to future bets to individual spreads and prop bets.

New users should check out these boosts because they are one of the best ways to improve your returns while sports betting.

Ongoing Promotions

There are quite a few BetMGM ongoing promotions that users can find by clicking on the promotions tab. From here, they’ll be able to see every promotion the app has to offer, which changes frequently based on the significant events happening in sports. For example, several promotions are being run for both the NHL and NBA playoffs.

These promotions can range from a free bet to parlay insurance to parlay boosts to earning free bets and more!

Another ongoing promotion is the BetMGM rewards program, where users can earn points towards free bets by betting on their favorite sports or at their local retail casinos. Users can only earn points, which takes some time, but the rewards are excellent when you get to use them, and you’ll receive a free bet on your birthday!


Betmgm sports offer

How to Download the BetMGM Sportsbook App

Downloading the BetMGM sportsbook app is a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes and your mobile device. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, the app will be available by searching for “BetMGM Sportsbook” in the search option, followed by downloading the app.

BetMGM iOS App

Downloading the BetMGM sportsbook app is a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes and your mobile device. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, the app will be available by searching for “BetMGM Sportsbook” in the search option, followed by downloading the app.

BetMGM Android App

The app is also on the Google Play Store for android mobile and tablet users with a minimum APK of 5.0 or better and a minimum of 23-megabytes of available storage. It has a 4.4-star rating out of 6 thousand reviews that are overall positive, but even the bad ones say the app’s pros outweigh the cons.

The BetMGM Android app is on the same version, 22.04.16, as the iOS app and is updated just as often to improve performance and fix minor bugs.

betMGM Legal States

System Requirements

The system requirements for BetMGM are pretty standard, requiring you to be geolocated in a legal state, over the legal age to gamble in that state (generally 21), and have the necessary storage and operating system to download the app. iPhone users will need 46.8-megabytes of available space and a minimum iOS of 13.0 or better. In contrast, Android users will need 23-megabytes of public storage and a minimum APK of 5.0.

BetMGM App Registration Process

Registering for an account with BetMGM is relatively easy and can be accomplished on either the mobile sports betting app or the desktop website. Like other sportsbooks, you’ll only need one account to access either one, and the process only takes about three to five minutes to complete.

When you’re on the BetMGM homepage at, look in the top right corner of the screen for the “Register” button to start the registration process. From here, you’ll be prompted to enter your email or register through PayPal or Yahoo Sports.

BetMGM login yahoo

If you decide to register on BetMGM by your email address, the page will direct you to create a password containing;

  • A number
  • Upper and lower case letters
  • 8-20 characters
  • No special characters (‘ ” < > % &)
  • Not your complete email address

After you’ve created your password, you’ll have to enter the following information in this order;

  • Full name and title
  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Promo Code (GAMBLEUSA)

Once you’ve entered all of this information, you’ll need to verify your account through your email address before it is active. After you verify it, you’ll be signed in and directed to the BetMGM cashier’s page to make your first deposit, and after that’s done, you’re ready to start betting!

betmgm login

How to Bet with BetMGM App

Now for the best part about sports betting, the betting! BetMGM has many sports gambling options for users to take advantage of, ranging from straightforward bets to very complex ones.

BetMGM over under

In this section, I will explain in detail;

  • Popular bets
  • Prop Bets
  • Cash-out options
  • Additional Betting Options

The lines for these different bets are generally released 24 hours before the event, but if it’s something like a college football championship game set for a while with nothing in-between, it could be released weeks before! All of the spreads, over-under, and prop bets have typical juice for sportsbooks of -110. This means that on a 50/50 bet, the odds will be -110 instead of +100 as payment for BetMGM’s services.

BetMGM Parlay generator

Popular Bets

The most popular BetMGM bets on every sportsbook will always be moneyline, spread, over-under, and parlay bets which can be found next to the event on the league or sport’s list of events page. These are some of the only types of bets that aren’t seen by expanding the event’s details and are by far the most common for new users to use.

If you’re unsure what these bets are, let me explain.

Moneyline bets are basic bets on who will win a specific event. These have varying odds determined by the matchup and should be taken advantage of by combining them for larger parlays!

Spread bets either give or take away points from a team/player in return for better odds on your bet. These spreads are similarly based on the odds of the matchups as it is for moneyline bets, which means you’re effectively buying or selling points on your pick. You can also find alternate spreads by clicking on the BetMGM event and expanding the details.

Over-under bets are bets on whether a game or event will go over or under the total points given by the line. The lines are set based on several factors ranging from the event matchup to the weather at the event. Similar to spreads, there are alternate lines for these over-under bets that you can find by clicking on the event and expanding its details.

Parlay bets combine other BetMGM bets into a larger one for more considerable odds! Parlays can consist of moneyline, spreads, over-under, or prop bets and can be on bets on the same event or multiple events. If you’re a new bettor, keep it small! I know the 10-leg parlay looks excellent when you see the payout, but they’re tough to win!

Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets on whether or not a specific thing will happen throughout an event. This can be on whether or not someone will score a touchdown/goal or whether they will get over or under three rebounds in a game; the possibilities are endless! BetMGM prop bets even get to be as small as who will win the coin toss in the Super Bowl!

Cash Out

Cashing out has quickly become an essential aspect of all sportsbooks because users are human and sometimes make mistakes! Cash-out options allow users to cash out almost all of their initial bet amount (sometimes all of it) before an event begins. BetMGM cash-out options will also be available while the event is live, resulting in some users being able to cash out for an enormous amount than you’ve bet before the event is over! This won’t be your total payout, but it’s something, especially if your bet loses!

BetMGM moneyline bets

Additional Betting Options

There are other types of bets on BetMGM, including parlay teasers, live betting, same-game parlays, and many more. Explanations for these three additional betting options will be below, but I will not be getting into every bet type available on BetMGM because this review would be a mile long!

Parlay teasers are large BetMGM parlays offered with alternate spreads that can either have heavily increased or decreased odds based on the spreads you choose. Teasers are perfect for someone looking to bet an entire day of NFL football without breaking the bank!

Live betting is exactly what it sounds like, bets on live events. As someone who loves watching sports, I feel like there’s an ability to see who has the edge to win while you watch. These bets will have odds, spreads, and over-under bets based on the game’s current score, and users can place bets on them straight but not make live parlays.

The BetMGM same-game parlays are a new type of parlay that many sportsbooks have added to their repertoire, including BetMGM. They are parlays on a single game that can include anything from prop bets to moneyline bets to combine for tremendous odds! If you love a particular team, same-game parlays on your favorite team’s player stats totals are a must!

Sports Markets Available on BetMGM

BetMGM Sports Markets

There are 19 total sports with 44 total betting markets listed on the BetMGM Sportsbook today, but the markets will change based on what leagues are in season, similar to the promotions. They currently have the following sports available on their website and app;

  • Aussie Rules (1 League)
  • Baseball (2 Leagues)
  • Basketball (1 League)
  • Boxing (1 League)
  • Cricket (1 League)
  • Cycling (2 Leagues)
  • Darts (2 Leagues)
  • Football (3 Leagues)
  • Formula 1 (2 Leagues)
  • Golf (9 Leagues)
  • Handball (1 League)
  • Hockey (1 League)
  • Lacrosse (2 Leagues)
  • MMA (1 League)
  • Motorsports (2 Leagues)
  • Rugby League (1 League)
  • Rugby Union (1 League)
  • Soccer (10 Leagues)
  • Tennis (1 League)

As you can see, some of these sports have a lot more leagues than others, which is a result of the number of leagues for the sport in the world and their popularity in the US. Finding all of these betting markets is very simple with the BetMGM app, and can be done by clicking on the “A-Z Sports” page, which will alphabetize all of the sports. You can click on each sport individually, and you’ll be redirected to the page with all available bets of that sport offered.

betmgm sports markets

BetMGM Sportsbook Payment Methods

Whether you’re looking to fund your account or withdraw your winnings, you’ll need to be able to use one of the several payment options available to make bets. There are several BetMGM payment options for users to take advantage of, and all users’ information is backed and insured by local gaming commissions, which means it’s safe.

Depositing into your account will take a minimum deposit of at least $10 but will be posted to your account instantly for you to use. On the other hand, withdrawals have the same minimum amount but generally take three to five business days to process and be posted to your account unless you are doing it in person at the BetMGM Casino locations.

BetMGM Deposits

Deposit Options

  • Visa & MasterCard
  • E-Check
  • Play+ Card
  • Online bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe cash options

Withdrawal Options

  • Online bank wire transfer
  • Play+ card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Check in the mail
  • PayNearMe cash options

BetMGM Deposit Options

Customer Support

Sometimes you may run into BetMGM geolocation issues, problems with making a withdrawal or deposit, or the app may even be down. While these scenarios are pretty unlikely, users should be prepared if they occur. BetMGM has some of the best customer support in the industry, and users can find all customer support options by pressing the “Help & Contact” button in the top right corner of any screen while using the app or website.

BetMGM customer support

After you’ve pressed this button, you’ll be directed to an interactive FAQ page where you pick from several issues listed on the screen for the issue you’re experiencing. If your issue is listed, you’ll click on it and be redirected to a page with resources to help fix your problems or be given an option for more customer service options.

If you click on the more customer service options button, you’ll be redirected to a page to choose from a live chat service, a toll-free phone service, or an email service that can help with any issues you may be experiencing. This page is the only place to access the live chat function and email service, but if you’d like to skip this step, just call (609)248-9531

Customer service can also set account limits for people who may think they have a problem gambling. If you feel you have a gambling problem, please click here and get help.

BetMGM customer support

Player Reviews about BetMGM App

Players on BetMGM speak very highly of this app online, whether on the app store or forum websites such as Reddit. BetMGM has a rating on the Apple app store of 4.8 stars out of over 90 thousand reviews that generally are very positive, and a rating of 4.4 stars out of over six thousand reviews on the Google Play Store.

The most significant issues that seem to arise from the app based on the reviews (and NOT my personal experience) are problems with the geolocation software. Still, according to the reviewers, it only takes two minutes to fix. Most of the reviews are players discussing how much they love the promos and types of bets offered. Check them out yourself!

Final Thoughts on BetMGM App

Overall, I would have to say that BetMGM is one of the best sportsbooks available. It has some of the best odds, app features, and promotions that I have ever seen, and I believe it will be a top-three sportsbook in the US within the following year. In my opinion, any sports bettors should absolutely sign-up and take advantage of this great sportsbook and the current BetMGM promo code.


Is the BetMGM sportsbook app legit?

Absolutely! The BetMGM mobile sportsbook app is entirely legal and backed by the following state gambling commissions;

What BetMGM sports can you bet on with the app?

There are 19 total sports that users can place bets on, including;

    • Aussie Rules
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Boxing
    • Cricket
    • Cycling
    • Darts
    • Football
    • Formula 1
    • Golf
    • Handball
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • MMA
    • Motorsports
    • Rugby League
    • Rugby Union
    • Soccer
    • Tennis

Do you need a separate account for the BetMGM app and sportsbook?

No! You’ll only need one account to access both the app and the desktop website for the BetMGM sportsbook.

Does BetMGM offer a free bet?

Yes! New users receive a First Bet Offer Up To $1,000 In Bonus Bets during sign-up by pressing the link here and using our exclusive promo code “GAMBLEUSA” during registration.

Can you bet on mobile with BetMGM?

Absolutely! This entire review is about mobile sports betting through BetMGM and how it is one of the best and most excellent sportsbooks.

Which is the company behind BetMGM?

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you’ve probably seen the beautiful MGM Resort and Casino owned by MGM Resorts. This resorts and casino conglomerate is the company behind the BetMGM app, and their company address is 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Which are the states that I can bet with the BetMGM app?

BetMGM is currently available in over 18 states in the US and is looking to expand as legislation around the country is changed to allow more users to access the platform. The current states where the app is available are;

      • Arizona
      • Colorado
      • Florida
      • Illinois
      • Indiana
      • Iowa
      • Louisiana
      • Maryland
      • Michigan
      • Mississippi
      • Nevada
      • New Jersey
      • New York
      • Ohio
      • Pennsylvania
      • Tennessee
      • Virginia
      • Washington DC.
      • West Virginia
      • Wyoming

Can I deposit at BetMGM with PayPal?

Yes! PayPal is one of the several online money transferring payment options that BetMGM offers its users.

Are there BetMGM app customer service options?

Yes! It has some of the best customer service options available in the sports betting industry! If you have a problem, simply click on the customer service chat feature in the top right of your screen. This will bring up an interactive FAQ page that may be able to fix your problem. If not, you will be directed to a page featuring a live chat with a representative function, a toll-free phone service, or an email for you to contact a member of the BetMGM team.

How to withdraw funds from the BetMGM app?

Withdrawing funds from BetMGM is very simple and only takes a few minutes, just like most other online sports betting services. Click on the cashier’s page by clicking on your account balance, then press on the withdrawal option. After you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to choose from the following withdrawal options;

      • Online bank wire transfer
      • Play+ card
      • PayPal
      • Skrill
      • Check in the mail
      • PayNearMe cash options

After choosing one of these options, you’ll generally have to wait 3-5 business days before the money is deposited into your account unless you’ve decided to withdraw at retail casinos.

First Bet Offer Up To $1,000 In Bonus Bets
Trust & Fairness
Markets & Odds
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.3 Overall Rating
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