DraftKings Sportsbook App

DraftKings Sportsbook App

$1,000 Deposit Bonus for New Players

The DraftKings mobile betting app is a legal sports betting app where users in select states around the U.S. can place sports bets or play casino games from the convenience of their phones. From anything to the NFL to the NBA to the Premier League, users can bet on all of their favorite sports leagues worldwide!

  • Very well organized
  • Great aesthetic
  • Several promotions
  • Tons of stats
  • Few ways to customize your profile
  • Slightly below average number of sports available

DraftKings is one of the best mobile sportsbooks apps in the industry because it offers a competitive sign-up bonus, great odds, and a plethora of different significant sports and major leagues worldwide.

DraftKings offers online legal sports betting in:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan (Casino games also available)
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey (Casino games also available)
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania (Casino games also available)
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia (Casino games also available)
  • Wyoming

DraftKings is by far one of the country’s largest and most reputable mobile sportsbooks that is always a pleasant experience to use. This review will detail the software your phone will need to run DraftKings app (on each operating system), the kind of bets they offer, the sports they offer, how to sign up for an account, and lastly, all of their great bonus offers.

DraftKings Sportsbook App at a Glance

DraftKings App promo code No Promo CodesUse Our links
Welcome bonus Free Bet worth up to $1,000
Legal States Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming
Licenses Arizona Department of Gaming, Colorado Division of Gaming, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Gaming Division, Illinois Gaming Board, Indiana Gaming Commission, Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, Louisiana Gaming Control Board, Michigan Gaming Control Board Nevada Gaming Control Board, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, New York State Gaming Commission, Department of Oregon State Police Gaming Enforcement Division, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Tennessee Lottery, Virginia Lottery Commission, West Virginia Lottery Commission, Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
Land Based Partner Charles Town Races, Meadows Casino
App Platforms iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), Web Browser, Mobile Browser
Requirements Min. Deposit of $10, Min age of 21
Website URL https://sportsbook.draftkings.com

To sign up for the DraftKings Sportsbook app, you’ll need to be 21 years old or older, physically present in one of the DK legal states, and provide DraftKings with your full name, email address, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number, and your home address. After that, all you’ll need to do is deposit a minimum of $10 into your account, and then you’re all set to start betting!

Some of the main things to know about the DraftKings Sportsbook app are:

  • It has a very well-designed and organized app.
  • A plethora of betting options with 20 different sports and over 60 different markets
  • A great sign-up bonus offer of a $1,000 free bet (claim here)
  • Offers same-game prop parlays
  • Great bonus offers and rewards program

DraftKings Software and Mobile Sportsbook App

The DraftKings app has one of the best user interfaces in the entire business. It is aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally well organized, and optimized for a smooth user experience. The dark background fits well with their signature color of light green scattered around the page not to be too overly colorful, leaving the page well balanced from a visual standpoint. The layout is well organized with a betting (sportsbook, flash bets, daily pools, etc.) menu at the top, promos, and significant upcoming events (Super Bowl LVI as an example) next, with a popular league menu underneath, followed by a famous sports menu and a list of forthcoming events.

Draftkings Betting App

There are five tabs at the bottom of the screen that organize the DraftKings app so that there isn’t too much information that jumbles up the screen. The tabs are the Home tab, the In-Game tab, the My Bets tab, the All Sports tab, and lastly, the Promos tab. You can place a bet from the home page by clicking on any sport/league page followed by a line or by going to the bottom of the screen and clicking on either the “In-Game” or the “All Sports” tabs and doing the same.

The DraftKings Sportsbook app is equipped with geolocation software that helps locate your phone as quickly as possible to assure that you’re in a legal betting state while also not causing any delays in your betting. This software is better than some other sportsbooks apps because it is directly linked to the app and doesn’t require a separate download. Throughout my entire experience using the DraftKings Sportsbook app, I’ve only had one incident where the geolocation software took a few extra seconds to locate me, at max five.

It’s effortless to get started betting on the app; after all, they want you to spend money! All it takes is a quick five-minute sign-up process that I will explain in more detail later in the review. You can sign-up from the app, or on their mobile website, by just giving the information I listed above and going through two extra steps.

The DraftKings Sportsbook app is essentially just a compressed version of their desktop website that is optimized and fits better for mobile users. Many other mobile sportsbooks have apps that are different from the website or require an app for each state that you travel to, but DraftKings has one app that works just as well as the site, but on the go. It is available for users of iPhones and Androids as long as they have iOS 10.0 or higher for iOS devices or APK 5.0 or higher for Android users. The updates come about once a month for bug fixes, improved features, and new promos.

DK logo

One of the most remarkable aspects of the DraftKings sports betting app is the number of available stats for each game and matchup in any sport. For example, if you click on an NBA game, say the Nuggets vs. the Jazz, it will show you each team’s stats, record in their last five games, head-to-head record, record against the spread, and so much more. Another great feature is the social aspect of DraftKings. On both the app and the website, you can go into their social section under the banner menu at the top and use this tab to share your bets with other users! It’s a great resource to use to see what the rest of the sports betting community is thinking if you’re unsure about a specific matchup.

While these are some of the best aspects of the DraftKings Sportsbook app, it is not perfect. It needs some work on the customization side because while I bet on all of the famous leagues and sports, not everybody does. I think it would greatly benefit from having a favorites page where users can select which sports and leagues are available to them on their home screen menu, rather than having a popular menu. Another part where the app lacks is its total number of sports options. While it may cover my needs, the industry average is 21 total sports, which is one over what DraftKings offers with 20.

Best DraftKings App Features

  • Tons of stats and other resources for users to use
  • Ability to live stream select events
  • Great layout and base organization
  • Offers top-notch betting pools

Things that Need Work

  • Few customization options
  • No multigame player prop parlays
  • Under the industry average of total sports offered

DraftKings Promo Code and Offers

The DraftKings Sportsbook offers some of the best sign-up bonuses, promos, and rewards from any competitor. While some may offer similar or equal promotions, DraftKings offers more promos daily than any sportsbook platform that I’ve ever seen before. As a new user or existing DK player, you can opt-in for any through the app, online sportsbook, or mobile site.

DraftKings Football Betting promo codes

$1,000 Free Bet for New Players

To start, the DraftKings Sportsbook offers your first bet of a minimum of $10 and up to $1,000 deposit bonus when signing up with this link. This means that the first bet placed under your DraftKings Sportsbook account is completely free on any sport or chance (as long as you have the money in your account to match the stake). It’s super easy to do and beats any deposit bonus offered by a competing sportsbook.

On the negative side, the sports app does not offer any type of no deposit bonus or free bet for new players. In contrast, the DraftKings Casino app offers new sign ups a $50 free no deposit bonus, which is the best among legal US sites.

20% Deposit Bonus up to $1,000

If you don’t use our link for the free bet worth up to $1,000, you can still claim their initial deposit bonus of 20%, similarly limited at $1,000. This is a pretty below industry standard deposit bonus so please make sure to use our link to claim your better bonus for more free money!

Ongoing Promotions

One of the best parts about DraftKings is its sheer number of promotions. Existing users can take advantage of these by going to the promotions tab and clicking “opt-in” on any options. These options will vary based on the time of year and sports in season, but for example, they offer odds boosts on specific parlays, a free bet after making three bets on specific leagues, and bonus bets on certain events.

DraftKings also offers an ongoing refer-a-friend bonus, a free bet worth up to $100 given to you after your referred friend makes their first bet. The amount of your bonus is determined by how much your friend bets up to $100 (and a minimum of $10).

DraftKings Pool Contests NY

DraftKings Rewards Program

The DraftKings Sportsbook app offers a unique rewards program based on currency earned by completing challenges given to you. They are called missions, and you can find them after you’ve signed up for an account by clicking on promotions and going to the mission’s page. They are only unlocked once a user has completed a few ongoing promotions, giving you points towards your rewards. DraftKings rewards points are called crowns (or DK dollars) and are displayed in small gold numbers directly underneath your account balance in the top right corner of your screen. You can redeem these crowns for DraftKings dollars to use to wager. However, it costs about 650 crowns for just $1. To go to your rewards menu, click on your profile in the top left corner of the app.

MyRewards at DraftKings

How to Download the DraftKings Sportsbook App

Downloading the DraftKings Sportsbook app is simple! All you have to do is search DraftKings Sportsbook in the Apple app store or Google Play store and find the app with that name. DraftKings also has a daily fantasy sports app and a casino app, but they are not the same and cannot be used to bet on sports, so be sure to download the sportsbook app.

While several other sportsbooks require an app for each state, DraftKings has only one app that can be used anywhere permitted in the country. It also doesn’t require an extra download of geolocation software, so it takes up very minimal space compared to some of its competitors.

DraftKings iOS App

The DraftKings Sportsbook app is offered on most of the newer Apple operating systems and is one of the highest-rated sportsbooks in the app store, with a 4.8-star rating and glowing reviews. It is not just available on iPhones but also on all iOS devices. Your device only needs an operating system of at least iOS 10.0 or higher to use!

All you have to do is search “DraftKings Sportsbook,” click on the app, and press “Get” to download. From there, all you need to do is create a DraftKings account, and then you’re ready to start gambling!

DraftKings Android App

DraftKings is also available in the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. Like the Apple app store, DraftKings receives very high praise with a 4.5+-star rating and great reviews. Most Androids can run the DraftKings app because it only requires an APK of 5.0 or higher.

Search for “DraftKings Sportsbook” in the Google Play Store and find the correct app to download the app. Then click on it and download it before creating an account. If you’d like to create an account while the app is downloading, you can go to the website and sign up for it, then use the same info in the app.

System Requirements

While you can sign-up for DraftKings if you are 21 and older and download the app from anywhere in the country, you must be in one of the 17 states that they are legal in to meet their requirements to place a wager. The DraftKings Sportsbook app will use its geolocation software to determine whether or not you are in one of these states to do this.

DraftKings App Registration Process

To put things simply, DraftKings wants to make the registration process as easy as possible for users to sign-up and spend money betting on sports. You can sign up at https://sportsbook.draftkings.com or through their app on a mobile device. However, if you don’t use this exclusive link here, you won’t receive your free bet worth up to $1,000! The sign-up process is the same on both platforms and is just as quick as its competitors. To register for DraftKings, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your email address
  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number (to verify your identity)
  • Your address

If you’re in the app and want to start the registration process, click the log-in button in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up the log-in page to sign up to create an account. From there, you will enter all of the information I just mentioned before confirming your email address. Don’t worry about your data; DraftKings is safe and secure while backed by state commissions, meaning the state secures your data and money. You can sign up for an account from anywhere in the country, but you cannot place bets unless you are in legal online sports betting states where DraftKings is licensed.

After registering for your DraftKings Sportsbook account, you will be redirected to the cashier’s page, where you can make your first deposit. If you’re not ready to make your first deposit, you are not required to and can just exit out. After placing your first bet, you can live-stream the events DraftKings offers on either their app or website. Remember that you only need one account for both the website and the app, meaning existing players wouldn’t be able to create a second account due to their existing account.

DraftKings login GAMBLEUSA Code

How to Bet with DraftKings App

Now for the most critical part of this DraftKings app review, the betting. They offer simple bets such as straight bets and more complex ones like parlays. These parlays can be simple and consist of spread, moneyline, or over/under bets, or they can be complicated and consist of multiple players’ prop bets from the same game. This section will cover:

  • Different types of the most popular bets
  • Prop bets
  • The cash-out option
  • Same Game Parlays

DraftKings Prop Bets

Popular Bets

Some of the main bets on DraftKings are, of course, the moneyline, the point spread, and the over/under on total points. Because these lines are so popular, they are presented to users from the events based on whatever screen they might be on. These lines generally come out a few days before the event (if not a week) and change while posted based on each team’s news and how people are betting. These bets mainly apply to team sports because sports like boxing can’t have a spread. By clicking on the event for further details, you can bet on alternate spread options at different odds, effectively buying or selling points.

Prop Bets

DraftKings customers can make prop bets as well! Prop bets are bets that specific things will occur during an event. This means that you can bet on things like game props, such as a particular margin of victory, or player props, like a player, to score a touchdown. DraftKings offers player prop bets on some of their available leagues like the NFL, the NBA (not college football or basketball), the Premier League, and many more. Player prop bets can range from an over/under bet on total points, rebounds, or assists in basketball, to the first touchdown scorer in football. It is also possible to combine these into the same game player prop parlays, but I’ll discuss that later in the section.

Cash Out

A cash-out option is an option that is offered by most sportsbooks that give users the chance to cash out early for a portion of their winnings. If the event is still days away, you might be able to cash out for 99.9% of your original wager, but if it’s during the event and your bet is looking bleak, you can cash out for a small chunk to get back what you might lose. On the flip side, users can also cash out when their bets look good for more than their wager but less than their final payout.

This is an excellent tool because it is possible to cash out in a game of runs like basketball while your team’s up big in the first half. I’ve personally done this and then bet on the other team’s live moneyline and won twice in one event! If you want to find the cash-out option, go to the My Bets tab in the DraftKings app and look through your open bets for the cash-out option. It won’t always be available, but keeping an eye on it makes the experience more enjoyable anyway!

DraftKings Round Robin Bets

Same Game Parlays

Same Game Parlays are bets offered by DraftKings that are activated by pressing the Same Game Parlay button on an event’s page. You will not make the wager if you try to add individual prop bets to your bet slip without clicking the button. These will only be available in events with several prop bets and will change your screen to only show bets from your chosen event that can be added to the parlay. From here, you can choose up to 14 different player props for parlays with HUGE odds. One of my favorite ways to bet!

DraftKings Guaranteed Prize Pools

The DraftKings app and website offers a ton of guaranteed prize pools that are very fun to bet on, as well as free entry prize pools for users looking to try to win free money! Have you and your friends ever made a March Madness bracket pool where you all pitched in $10 and the winners got the pot? Well it’s pretty much the same thing, but with the same people on the internet!

Draftkings offers free prize pools in several different leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, the Premier League, and many more! These pools can range from anything between picking all of the winners for games tonight in the NBA to who will win each fight at a UFC event. DraftKings offers around 10 free pools per week to different events, but you are also able to create your own private pools for you and your friends to gamble your money on!

DraftKings Mobile App Live Streaming

The DraftKings mobile app does indeed have live-streaming for select events. UFC is one of the streaming partners with DraftKings and can be streamed during almost every major UFC event (excluding pay-per-view). It’s available in all states that the app is and is a great way to track your bets while using the app for early cash-outs!

Sports Markets Available on DraftKings

While DraftKings is one under the industry average of sports offered, it has a plethora of different sports markets worldwide for users to bet on that can fulfill almost anyone’s gambling needs. However, they offer several different leagues on their platforms like college football and basketball and bets on things like the Academy Awards, which most other U.S. sportsbooks don’t show. The sports offered are:

  • Football (3 different Leagues)
  • Basketball (16 different Leagues)
  • Baseball (2 different Leagues)
  • Soccer (56 different Leagues)
  • Hockey (4 different Leagues)
  • Golf (13 different Leagues)
  • Cricket (5 different Leagues)
  • Darts (3 different Leagues)
  • Motorsports (9 different Leagues)
  • MMA (1 League)
  • Boxing (3 different Leagues)
  • Cycling (2 different Leagues)
  • Handball (7 different Leagues)
  • Lacrosse (1 League)
  • Aussie Rules (1 League)
  • Rugby League (2 different Leagues)
  • Rugby Union (3 different Leagues)
  • Softball (1 League)
  • Table Tennis (1 League)
  • Tennis (42 Different Leagues)

The markets change a few times a year based on leagues’ season, but the sports generally stay the same unless they add a new one. Generally, whatever sport/league is at its most competitive point in the season becomes the focus for all of the ongoing promotions offered by DraftKings.

DFS Sports Markets

Navigating these different sports and markets is quite simple. There’s an “all sports” tab at the bottom of your app that allows you to browse any sport and any league offered by DraftKings. In my personal opinion, I think this is one of their better features because I feel like I’m always trying to find the right league on other sportsbooks. And speaking of other sportsbooks, if you’re looking for the best odds in the business, you’re in the right place. Below is a table comparing the odds of DraftKings Sportsbook to Ceasar’s Sportsbook to display their superior odds.

DraftKings Event BetMGM
Pacers -3 spread/ -150 ML IND Pacers @ DET Pistons Pacers -3.5 spread/ -165 ML
Bucks -5 spread/ -210 ML MIL Bucks @ CHI Bulls Buck -5.5 spread/ -225 ML
ETSU -5 spread/ -235 ML The Citadel @ ETSU ETSU -5.5 spread/ -250 ML
Ball State -3 spread/ -165 ML Ball State @ Western Michigan Ball State -3.5 spread/ -165 ML

DraftKings Sportsbook Payment Methods

The DraftKings Sportsbook app offers the same number of payment options as the website, allowing users to make quick and easy deposits or withdrawals right from their phones! The cashier section of the app performs well and loads quickly, allowing users to instantly use their funds after depositing at least $5 and no more than $20,000. Because the 17 states license DraftKings they operate in, all transactions are backed and secured by the state’s local gaming commission.

DraftKings Deposit Methods 1

Deposit Options

All deposit options on DraftKings will be immediately deposited into your account for use and are completely free of any fees.

Payment Method Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Credit/Debit Card $5 $20,000
Online Bank Transfer $5 $20,000
PayPal $5 $20,000
Wire Transfer $5 $20,000
Play+ Prepaid Card none $20,000
ACH eCheck $5 $20,000
DraftKings Gift Card None None
Cash $5 $500

Withdrawal Options

The DraftKings mobile sportsbook app has 6 different methods of withdrawal which do not carry any fees and is a simple process that requires verifying the last four digits of your social security number to verify your identity.

Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Time to Process
Online Bank Transfer $10 $100,000 3-5 Days
PayPal $1 $60,000 3-5 Days
ACH eCheck $10 $100,000 3-5 Days
Play+ Prepaid Card None $25,000 2-4 Days
Casino Cage None $100,000 1 Hour

Customer Support

DraftKings isn’t always perfect, so sometimes, you may run into issues while using their app. Some users have more difficulty with geolocation software than others (I have never had an issue, but it’s one of the most common complaints that I’ve heard from it), which may lead to problems accessing your DraftKings account. Other topics might include the app being down, deposits not posting immediately (very uncommon), or a bet that should have been marked as a push was marked as a loss.

If your problem doesn’t require immediate assistance, check out the DraftKings help center (a database of answers to FAQs) first for more information on your issue. If that doesn’t work, or maybe you have a more significant, more pressing issue like your deposit not posting to your account, you can message a live chat line that can be accessed through the help center to help you through your problem.

If live chatting isn’t really your style and you’d rather just speak to a representative on the phone, simply call their hotline at 1+(855) 357-2377. If they don’t answer, you can leave them a message, and they will call back as soon as possible. It’s also possible to email them at sportsbook@draftkings.com if it’s not a pressing matter and it isn’t covered in the help center. And if emailing isn’t your style, you can even write DraftKings a letter with your inquiry addressed to 222 Berkeley St Boston, MA 02116.

Users may ask for account limits and restrictions through these channels of communication. This allows users to limit their time spent on the website and app and limit the money they spend so users can safely gamble without going over their gambling limits. However, please go here if you think you have a gambling problem.

DraftKings social page

Player Reviews about DraftKings App

While it’s always a good idea to check the reviews on the Apple app store and the Google Play Store for users’ opinions on DraftKings, it’s a better idea to look at the DraftKings Reddit page. The sports bettors of the world love taking to Reddit to share their opinions on their picks and their views on sportsbooks.

If you take a deep dive into r/DraftKings, you’ll find a thriving online sportsbook community that loves their book. One user said that it’s the only sportsbook he uses because of the sheer number of stats they offer. Another discussed the app’s aesthetic compared to its competitors, saying it’s superior because it doesn’t overstimulate the user’s eyes when logging in with too many bright colors. Those are the same kind of comments that you’ll find on the Apple app store and the Google Play Store as well. DraftKings is simply beloved by the vast majority of users.

Final Thoughts on DraftKings App

Overall, I think the DraftKings app is one of the best sportsbook apps in the world right now because of its user experience, promotions, and aesthetic. They’re also one of the few mobile sportsbooks that offer same game player prop parlays, which are my favorite type of parlays. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a sportsbook sign up with DraftKings because of how well polished it is. The only area that I believe they need to work on is customization to allow users to see the sports/leagues they choose when logging in, rather than just a generic popular menu. Outside of that, the app is as close to perfect as one could get.

DraftKings Sportsbook FAQ

Is the DraftKings sportsbook app legit?

People always ask, “Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal?”. The answer is yes! DraftKings is licensed by the Arizona Department of Gaming, the Colorado Division of Gaming, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Gaming Division, the Illinois Gaming Board, the Indiana Gaming Commission, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the New York State Gaming Commission, the Department of Oregon State Police Gaming Enforcement Division, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the Tennessee Lottery, the Virginia Lottery Commission, the West Virginia Lottery Commission, and lastly the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission.

If you’re looking for player testimonials, on the other hand, to make sure the DraftKings app is legit compared to its competitors, just check the rating and some reviews in the app store. Overall, it has a 4.8-star rating (out of 310,000 ratings), and one review discussed how much the user loved their promotions and free games!

What DraftKings sports can you bet on with the app?

You can bet on the same 20 sports on the app on the website! The sports available on DraftKings are:

● Football

● Basketball

● Baseball

● Soccer

● Hockey

● Golf

● Cricket

● Darts

● Motorsports


● Boxing

● Cycling

● Handball

● Lacrosse

● Aussie Rules (Football)

● Rugby League

● Rugby Union

● Softball

● Table Tennis

● Tennis

Do you need a separate account for the DraftKings app and sportsbook?

No! The DraftKings app and website can be accessed by the same DraftKings account number, which is accessed by logging into your username or email address. There is no need to make two accounts, nor will DraftKings allow you to.

Is it possible to link your DraftKings sportsbook and DFS account?

Yes, DraftKings makes it very easy to link your DraftKings Sportsbook account with your DraftKings Fantasy Sports account. All you have to do is go to your account in the app and press the link account option.

Does DraftKings offer a free bet?

Yes! DraftKings offers two different kinds of free bets. The first is their sign-up bonus, which allows users to get a free bet worth up to $1,000 by clicking on this link before signing up! The second is through different regular promotions and offers on different kinds of rewards style free bets. This means that you have to earn these free bet promotions by betting on specific events promoted by DraftKings!

Can you bet on mobile with DraftKings?

Absolutely! You can bet through DraftKings on mobile through their website or mobile app. All you have to do is allow for location tracking so the geolocation software can make sure you’re in a legal betting state.

Which is the company behind DraftKings?

DraftKings INC. is an original company that is its entity and was created in 2012 originally as a daily fantasy sports betting platform before mobile sports betting was legal online. Since sports betting became legal in 2018, DraftKings has since become one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. They are a Massachusetts-based company, and their company address is 376 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116.

Which are the states that I can bet with the DraftKings app in?

DraftKings is available in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, and most recently, New York. They are currently looking to expand to states that may change their online gambling laws, like Maryland.

Are there DraftKings app customer service options?

Yes! DraftKings offers some of the best customer services in the entire industry! Suppose you’re having any issues. In that case, you can go to the DraftKings help center (a database of answers to FAQs), message a live chat line that can be accessed through the help center, speak to a representative on the phone at 1+(855) 357-2377, send them an email at sportsbook@draftkings.com, or even by writing them a letter addressed to 222 Berkeley St Boston, MA 02116.

Can I deposit at DraftKings with PayPal?

Yes! PayPal is one of the many options DraftKings allows as a deposit option for their users. Simply log in to your PayPal account, decide on an initial deposit amount, and click deposit!

How to withdraw funds from the DraftKings app?

Whenever you win enough money and want to make a withdrawal, just click on the cashier button (the + by your total funds in the top right corner), which will redirect you to the cashier page. From here, click withdraw, then choose your method of withdrawal. After that, your money will be sent to your withdrawal method generally within 3-5 days (depending on the method).

$1,000 Deposit Bonus for New Players
Trust & Fairness
Markets & Odds
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating
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